Christi has an impeccable reputation as a solid spa consultant that delivers results and has many years of multi-faceted experience on both the operations and vendor side. No wonder she’s been voted favorite spa consultant for many years.

— Lisa Michaelis / Founder & CEO, Live Love Spa

Christi Cano is a force in the spa industry. Authentic, smart, kind – Christi has successfully championed many aspects of the spa industry from spa operations, to supplier outreach to many of the networking events in the industry. Christi is well respected and is always able to add value to any project she tackles.

— Kristi Konieczny / Founder, The Spa Buzz

Christi has changed my life by taking a chance on me as a young budding spa manager who needed mentorship in a very demanding Las Vegas spa industry back in 2007. She has a beautiful soul and cares deeply for everyone she meets. I’ve never met anyone like her and once you sit with her you’ll realize it only takes moments to feel like she is invested in your story and your needs.

— Laura Stendel / Wellness Entrepreneur; Former Owner, Casino’ssage Inc.

Christi Cano is a pioneering and shining representation of the best of the spa industry. She is the rare professional who effortlessly balances the disciplines required for a venture to be brought to life with intention, a solid foundation and executable plan for success. Christi takes time to peel back the layers of every project she touches, look deep and find the true gems that emerge and bring authentic value. As an advocate for spa education, she is consistently generous with her time and knowledge raising others up in support of the spa professionals and the industry we serve.

— Jeannie Jarnot / Owner, Beauty Heroes

Christi is a true visionary. Her ability to get to the core of a project and execute in a meaningful way brings home the reason health and wellness continues to grow – even in a challenging market. For real programming, bottom line solutions, education and implementation Christi is a great resource and leader.

— Yael Alkalay / Owner, red flower

Christi has an incredible amount of passion for her work. Based on her many years of experience across a variety of roles in the hospitality, spa, and wellness fields she truly has a finger pulse on ways to effectively support her clients and associates. What continues to stand out about Christi is her dedication to forming solid and lasting relationships and understanding and supporting the needs of her clients and friends in the industry. She is always eager to share her knowledge and seeks out those she feels will benefit from her own experiences.

— Kristin Woods / Vice President, Business Development at Skin Authority

I’ve known Christi over 10 years and her depth of experience and strong determination to expand the success of spa businesses makes her a valuable asset for our industry. Christi cares equally about everyone from solopreneurs to large corporate brands. She generously offers her expertise and honest opinions in a way that’s genuinely supportive, trustworthy, and thoughtful. Truly an amazing talent in our industry.

— Allan Share / President, The Spa Association

Christi has what everyone desires in a spa consultant: an ability to develop innovative, creative spa concepts and menus with the practical, hands on operational experience that ensures successful implementation and continued operational efficiency. As a Spa Director, Christi opened and operated several of the largest, most successful spas in the US. As an added bonus, you get Christi’s unmatched professionalism and dedication to her clients.

— Jim Chenevey / CEO, Earthlite & Living Earth Crafts

I have known Christi Cano for many years and had the chance to collaborate with her on many spa projects. Christi always has her clients’ best interest in mind. When working on the spa equipment process she asks the most educated questions and makes sure the selection will fit both the program and budget. Christi has a very pleasant and engaging personality. Her creativity is also a great asset and her clients get a good return on their investment!

— Philippe Therene / VP SpaEquip, a division of Universal Companies