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We are committed to sustainable practices and supporting other companies who have the same commitment.  

We will provide information and resources so that others can make informed decisions, however small or large.  

We seek to incorporate environmental principles and environmentally responsible practices in our company programs and philosophy.

We support the spa industry in efforts to become more sustainable without reducing great service, a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

We believe that doing something positive is better than doing nothing at all and applaud everyone who makes even one positive step.

What We’re Doing Now
•    Information, materials and company collateral are conveniently available online or via 

     email to reduce paper, ink, packaging materials and energy used in transportation.  
•    Reducing paper by saving information in computer files rather than paper files.
•    Printing emails and documents very minimally to reduce use of paper and ink.
•    Use of post consumer recycled paper.
•    Use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint, green cleaning products and
vacuum systems that reduce building
     contaminants and minimize environmental impact.
•    Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass and encourage others to do so.
•    Use of re-useable water containers instead of disposable plastic water bottles.
•    Actively seek to support suppliers/manufacturers/vendors who utilize practices that
a positive impact on the environment. This includes equipment and supply
product vendors and even eco friendly dry cleaners.

What We Look For In Companies To Support
•    Environmentally preferable goods and services.
•    Products and packaging utilizing recycled content.
•    Reduced packaging.
•    Supports recycling programs.
•    Reduces environmental health hazards.
•    Reduces materials to landfills.
•    Reduces environmental impact in production and distribution.
•    Incorporates use of organic ingredients.
•    Believes in reducing, reusing and recycling resources.
•    Conservation efforts in regards to transportation, energy, water.
•    Truthful in communication vs. “greenwashing”