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A New Perspective

JeTT Media Group - Monday, November 10, 2008
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Like many of you with dreams this started as a little idea that grew, was nurtured and supported and is now coming to life.

I evaluated almost daily:

Is this the right thing to do?
Is the intention coming from the right place?
Who will be affected and how?
Is it driven by the valuable power of being of service?
Is it win/win for everyone involved?
Is this really a great idea or am I just crazy?

Somewhere along the way I gained a new perspective.  Suddenly I was the client, not the expert.  I was out of my comfort zone and put on a different pair of shoes, not belonging to me but belonging to my clients.

As a Consultant, often I give the advice that you need to know when to call in the experts.  You can do a lot of work yourself.  But, there are times when it isn’t in your best interest to spend valuable time on something you have no business dabbling in.  In this case, an Attorney and Web Designer were at the top of the list.  

Very fortunately, considering some of the unfortunate stories I’ve heard, the right Law Firm and Web Designer were chosen the first time.  They exceed my expectations, are always quick to respond and deliver work and are truly part of my business team.  I absolutely believe that they look out for my best interests.

Receiving legal invoices that looked very similar to consulting invoices with
$250-$400 hourly charges for phone calls, emails, review of work and contract assistance really made me think hard about my clients and billing.  It also made my phone calls short and very much to the point.

I’ve always felt like clients received great value for their money.  I’m always by their side and on their team doing the best work possible, there for them many times in the evening, on weekends, during emergency spa situations (yes, they exist) and during times of emotional concern & frustration.  I don’t nickel and dime and many times have done extra work because they were in a bind and I’m fully committed to them and the project.  

But the simple act of opening that envelope, looking at an invoice and paying the bill always gives a new and very valuable perspective particularly for a small business owner.  

It did do one other thing – it confirmed my steadfast commitment to providing as much useful information as we can in the most cost effective way to as many people as possible.   I believe that whether you have a Consultant or not, you deserve access to solid information to make sound decisions.

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